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Energy Technology Group

The research group GTE was created at first by three professors from the University of Vigo and it is currently made up of more than 25 people. It is one of the most productive groups of the University in research and transfer of knowledge as it is demonstrated by the recognition that it has received. The group's work will enter the consolidation of research activities under thermal and energy engineering contributing as a reference in Spain and contributing to scientific and technical development of Galicia. The main lines of research are

  • Biomass combustion
  • Simulation of thermal systems
  • Automotive heat exchangers
  • Marine engines
  • Use of phase change materials (PCM) in construction
  • CFD simulation in medicine
  • Microgeneration
  • Development of systems for communicating gas meters in closed environments

Since the creation of the group, its members have been working on these lines and new researchers were incorporated to the team structure. At first, the work capacity was limited because the research tools were so, but with the development and introduction of new techniques allows us to face new lines of research:

  • Deposition mechanisms biomass boilers
  • Techniques for the reduction of particulate emissions



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